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Hey hey! You you!

So Blender was awesome and they came and took a lot of pictures of me. Don't ask me why. They're crazy. Turn back now, this crap'll eat your silly dial-up whole.

No clue what I was doing.

That was one veeerrry shiny elevator.

What do you mean, no Avril on vinyl?!?!

Nicest weather we've had in weeks.

Schuyler's started to babble in his sleep..I can hardly believe how much he grows and learns every day. I wonder if babies dream. He must be having nice ones. He's yet to cry, unless he's hungry.

...jesus, I'm so fucking domesticated.
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Hello Mr.George Ryan ross, by the way i love your first name it is very sexy and i think i may name my kid that :D. any way i am your number one fan and i absolutly love your lyrics and you and P!ATD have inspired me and my friend to start a band. any ways i just wanted to know if you could do me a little favor send me an e-mail with your accual e-mail adress.so me and my BFF can talk to you and maybe we could become friends :D:P so ya my e-amil adress is Xo.Lexii.oX@hotmail.com ( by the way my name is alexis M )
oh yes our band name is rennaissance and we alredy have outfits desgined and everything.Also we have a few songs alredy so ya i would really appreciate if you did that one little thing because i am OBSESSED with you and your voice and your eyes and EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU so please this would mean the world to me if you did this. All i have to say now is that Hi to spencer and HI to brendon and hi to jon and all of Fall Out Boy and i hope i hear from you soon:D

hugs and more hugs from your number one fan

-Alexis--( other wise known as Lexis)