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And you're my good feeling.

Writing outside for once, taking in the scent of crisp air mixed with bus exhaust (that probably is going to give me carbon monoxide poisoning or something like that) and the smell from the ink of my pen. It's pink and smells like strawberries. This is my love note to the world. Oh my god, I love life. My years within this band have honestly been the most rewarding and enriching. You've been with me, world. Before I knew what the fuck MAC cosmetics were and when I still wore Hollister polos with my studded belts. I was shy; introverted to the extreme. You have shown me out, let me shine through. You've shown me how to live my life, how to love. Sorry if this isn't coherent. It's pretty cold and my knuckles are freezing. Let's all go back to Vegas and spend nights on car hoods, staring at the stars in the desert. All of you. Whether you be friend or foe, this is my love letter to you. If there was a way, I wish my arms could stretch and creak just so I could fit you all in when I hugged. Hah, Zack's yelling at me to go inside before I catch 'hypo-fucking-thermia'. Better make this  quick. Take care of yourselves, alright? I want to have as much time as possible to spend with you. This, of course will all be re-typed into my Livejournal later on. I'd love to share you, original love note. But you're in my notebook and there are just some things in here that--shit. Papercut. ...are for my eyes only.

So. Do you like me?
[  ] Yes      [  ]No.

Guess this is my sign off. So, for all of us here at Ryan's mind,
              I'm Ryan Ross.
...you stay classy, planet earth.

P.S.-You made me believe in God. There's got to be a God out there somewhere for someone like you to exist, and the fact that you chose to be with me  out of all the people who want you is absolute proof of divine intervention.
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